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The Newest yet Smallest Camera available in the U.S.

From Weldex
Smaller than a U.S. Quarter


WDH-2500 BP Black & White Pinhole [Shown]

WDH-2500 BS Black & White Standard

WDH-2500 BC Black & White Conical

These new ultra miniature cameras from Weldex, the 1/3 B&W is only 25 mm  x 25 mm in size,
has a line resolution of 430 lines and works with only 0.03 lux of illumination.

 The color is only 30 mm x 30 mm
and has 420 lines of resolution with a minimal of 0.3 lux.F1.2 These cameras come
without housing   Connectors are
a RCA for video,  2.1 mini plug for power. These great cameras
only use 100 ma of power and can be powered by a 9 volt battery.

B/W = $99.95 ea.  

Single Board Color = $149.95

B/W Board Only  $82.32


Wireless Camera CW-880NOW  $319.95

The color wireless system from Clover will send video and audio 700 feet without wires. [ FCC Part 15 Approved ] The transmitter can be powered from AA batteries or any suitable dc supply. The output from the receiver is on channel 3 or 4 as well as separate audio and video outs. The system includes the camera with intregal transmitter, a receiver and connecting cables.

Picture of CW 880

V-1214-IR- $229.95

Picture of V-1214-BNC

This Weldex B&W camera features 360 lines of TV resolution in a weather resistant package. It has built-in LED illuminators and can see in total darkness or where there is very limited light. It uses a fixed focus 3.6mm lens which gives it a medium wide field of view. Powered by DC (9V - 16V) 110mA Max Consumed Current. Camera has 60 ft. weatherproof cable attached for easy outdoor installation.

Active Matrix 4" Color LCD Monitor V-LCD4-PRO $ 334.32

This monitors are ideal for all color or B/W applications in Trucks, Autos, Airplanes or anywhere a compact, high quality picture is required. They display NTSC video and work off a supply voltage of 12 volts, and a load of 500mA.  A  threaded hole is located on the bottom for mounting to a standard tripod.

Picture of V-LCD4-PRO


Infrared Illuminator IR-200 $176.00

For covert camera use, the light projected is not visible to the naked eye, however all B&W cameras that we sell are sensitive to IR light and will be able to see details it total darkness. This unit automaticlly turns on after dark to keep an area illuminated for security.  It is powered by 120 VAC.

Multi-camera Switcher SQS-8B $156.00
SQS-4B $ 137.00

These units will automaticlly switch between 8 video sources [ SQS-8B ] or 4 video sources. [ SQS-4B ] Lock out of unused channels is available from the front panel. Variable switching speed.

Smoke Detector Camera CVC-250SD $ 157.95

This is a 400 TV line B&W camera disguised as a smoke detector. { does not work as a smoke detector } The camera uses an electronic iris control to handle various lighting conditions. Requires 12 volts to operate, AC adapter included.

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